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Welcome to our horse/human discovery, growth and healing center!
At Horse Encounters our motto is very simple and yet so profound:
Discover-Grow-Let Go!
Discover the power within you, Grow in that wisdom, Let Go of all that no longer serves you or lends to your best life!
 Through our Horse Encounters, you will be given the opportunity to experience life moments from a completely different perspective.
These experiences may allow the opportunity for shifts in the following areas of life:
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Worth
  • Forgiveness
  • Relationships
  • New Possibilities of Being and Doing
All that we offer is presented in a positive, non-judgmental, safe and conscious environment.
At Horse Encounters You Matter!
Horse Encounters and Horses for Heroes have now partnered, to offer you and your family some awesome horse time!
About Horses for Heroes:
Horses4Heroes is a national non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth, adults and families and enriching their lives through recreational, instructional and morale-boosting health and wellness programs that emphasize fun and safe activities with horses.
For more information about Horses for Heroes please go to: or call 888-9US-Hero
About Horse Encounters:
This program was created to provide folks with a very unique opportunity to experience life shifting Horse Encounters!
As we all go through this journey called life there are many obstacles and challenges along the way. Horses through out history have taught us how to navigate over the obstacles and through the challenges!
We have learned through the nature of the horse that they are master teachers and they have so much to share.
We utilize the power of positive thinking, being and doing to create an environment of "Total Possibility", which allows  the opportunity of life beyond limits and barriers. 
We are here to serve anyone who desires to experience a positive, life enriching encounter!
541-450-1278 Call to schedule Your Horse Encounter Today!
All Horse Encounter programs are proudly offered through Alchemy Ranch
Located in beautiful Southern Oregon
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